Golf Memorabilia Auctions
  • Golf Memorabilia Auctions

    Our first auction starts June 1 and ends June 30

  • Golf Memorabilia Auctions

    Our first auction starts June 1 and ends June 30

Register to participate in our Auctions and to receive Information Updates! was created to facilitate the sale of golf collectibles and memorabilia all the time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Golf will help collectors find that special item that they need to fill in their collections. Our sister site has been setting records for golf memorabilia for years. The golf collecting industry has been growing very quickly and we have found that the 9 auctions a year on just wasn't going to satisfy the demand of buyers and sellers. That is why we have launched to help relocate thousands of pieces of memorabilia that the market of buyers and sellers are looking to transact between them.

Auctions will start on the first of the month and end on the last day of the month, with one exception being 12/31, that auction will end on 12/30. Starting June 1, 2022 golf collectors can view and bid any day, or time of day, as auctions are always live. When one auction ends the next one begins. Sellers and Collectors have asked us for this type platform and now it is available. Golf memorabilia will start out with lower priced items, normally under $5,000. Higher dollar items will be showcased in our usual nine (9) auctions a year at . Make sure you sign up for both sites as they will have their own marketing programs.


  1. Can we combine shipping of auction lots won on the different platforms?
    Not at this time, all transactions will be handled separately.
  2. How can I consign items to the auctions?
    Brad Roberts is the Director of Consignments and all items will come through him for approval . Golf memorabilia is currently accepting consignments for September, as we are full until then. Please email [email protected] to consign to either platform.
  3. How can I Pay for winning lots?
    You should receive an invoice the next business day after the auction closes. Payment can be made by check, cash, credit card or PayPal. Please see the Rules of Auction.
  4. Do we combine shipping?